The Caribbean

Extending from the Bahamas in the North to the Guyanas in the South, from Belize in the West to Barbados in the East, the Caribbean is one of the World’s key regions for international shipping, including the Panama Canal, access to the U.S. Gulf, and the natural resource exporting ports from Mexico to Suriname.

The area includes jurisdictions based on English, Dutch, Spanish, French and U.S. legal systems, and cultural backgrounds.

A number of the region’s nations are members of CARICOM and other regional trade organizations. Some share judiciary, some contain their own appellate jurisdiction, others resort to final appeals in Europe. Many of the islands, and all the mainland territories, are independent and governed by domestic laws, which can vary significantly within close geographical proximity. Many retain parts of former colonial legislation, some remain as protectorates of European colonists, and some are comprised within the European Union.

We have a unique global perspective on the region, and have assisted clients in single jurisdictions, as well as cross a swathe of regional centres.

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